Various Programming Languages

Function Block Diagram(FBD)

The FBD editor is a powerful

graphic tool to edit and manage

FBD diagrams according to the

IEC 61131-3 standard.

The function block concept is

one of the most important

features of the standard for supporting hierarchical software design. User functions blocks can be 

developed and then re-used in higher level programs.
The FBD editor supports advanced graphic features such as drag and drop, object resizing and connection line routing features, so that you can rapidly and freely arrange the elements of your diagram.

Ladder Diagram(LD)

The LD editor is a powerful

graphical tool that enables you

to enter and manage Ladder

Diagrams according to the
IEC 61131-3 standard. The editor
enables quick input using the
keyboard, and it supports advanced
graphic features such as drag anddrop. LD is probably the most widely recognised of the four supported
methods because of its use in PLCs and its analogy to real world circuits. Programming in LD is best suited to applications where mostly binary variables are required and the interlocking and sequencing of digital IO points is the primary control requirement.

MFC/Delphi/C++/C#/VB.Net etc.

It provides API to use application

combination easily  and it’s

compatible with PLCOpen which

is IEC61131-3 standards. It also

provides powerful functions

such as the State machine,

Working State monitoring in

accordance with the applicable standards.

Structured Text(ST)

The ST editor is a dedicated

editor supporting the Structured

Text language of the IEC 61131-3

standard and has the following

advanced features:
•• Full syntax colouring
•• “Intellisense” pop-up with Autocompletion
•• Drag and drop of objects from
•• Variable type and size assist
•• View variable value in source code
•• Tool tip with variable or function information

Sequential Function Chart(SFC)

The SFC editor is a powerful

graphical tool that enables you to

enter and manage Sequential

Function Chart programs according

to the IEC 61131-3 standard.
The editor supports advanced

graphic features such as drag and drop, so that you can rapidly and freely arrange the elements of your diagram. It also supports automatic chart formatting
when inserting or deleting items and thus enables quick input using the keyboard.

G Code

It supports the G Code, including

milling, lathe. It supports G Code

and T, S, M Code those are similar

to form of Fanuc, so you can

easily apply for equipment.

It also supports virtual TPG,

Dry-Run, Single Block, etc. in order to validate the G code programming. In addition, it allow you to verify processing by MPG after Cycle start through SEMI-AUTO Mode.

Software Motion Controller