MXP provides a wide range of solutions with servo synchronization, gantry operation, diverse motion profiles, which are required by equipment control industries. It is allowed to use an extended operation mode such as P to P operation, velocity control mode, torque control mode, real time operation mode, master-slave operation, and so on. User can choose any functions for flexible operation, which allows prompt responses for divers and complicating requirements.

Transfer Robot

MXP implements high resolution control performance through laser feedback systems, barcode feedback systems and any other feedback systems. Optional selections are allowed for general feedback mode, semi-closed mode, full closed mode in real time during the operation. This flexibility allows users to overcome the inconveniences and provides the much flexible operation.

Handling Robot

Based on the superior kinematics open system architecture in addition to built-in kinematics engine, MXP has the advantage of being easy to implement user-defined kinematics logic. If user can define the theoretical formula, any kinematic operations are implemented by users themselves, and they are used and synced with the basic function. It provides the powerful performance for the robot control of special architecture, which is not supported by general controllers.

Logistics System Control

MXP supports C/C++/C# and IEC 61131-3 PLC language to replace a general PLC which has been used for a long time. PLC users are allowed to control the equipment using the graphic programing language on the PC control environment through support of advanced international standards including ladder, function block diagram, SFC etc.

Software Motion Controller