▶ IEC 61131-3 standard PLC Editor
   - LADDER, ST, IL, SFC, FBD, .Net-based user commands support

▶ Integration Tool, including existing MXP_V2.0 ECAM, Scanner, Tracer, Parameter, G code

▶ IEC 61131-3 standard PCS PLC Runtime Engine Integration

▶ Embedded Common Language Runtime installed

▶ PrConOS OPC Server

▶ CNC / PLC Integrated Motion Engine

▶Enhanced Motion function - Part1 (up to 64-axis independent operation) , Part4 Coordinate motion

▶ Enhanced EtherCAT Function such as On-Line Scan, etc



▶ Servo control up to 64 axes, 2048 Point I/O control

▶Provide various types of language development environment (API).

▶ Gantry mode support

▶ External Time Base Control Support

▶ Multi-axis synchronized control / linear / circular interpolation control function support

▶ Electronic cam / electronic gear function support

▶ Real-time control with an external encoder

▶ Create various Profile


▶Servo control up to 32 axes, 9-axis simultaneous command support

▶ PLC Ladder, G Code programming

▶ A variety of multi-axis synchronization and interpolation functions support

▶ A variety of processing modes

▶ A powerful plug-in functionality

▶ Various processing validation functions

▶ Convenient development tools

Software Motion Controller