IEC 61131-3 standard

▶ IEC 61131-3 standard PCS PLC Runtime Engine

▶ IEC 61131-3 standard PLC Editor

Provide various types of language development environment (API)

▶ LADDER, ST, IL, SFC, FBD, .Net-based user commands support

▶ Embedded Common Language Runtime

▶ RTOS based ProConOS eCLR

OPC Process


▶ ProConOS OPC Server 2.2

▶ The Supported interface standards DA 1.0A and 2.05

▶ Optional component

▶ OPC Process -> OPC-UA  expected to apply in 2016 year.

High end motion control

▶ MXP CNC/PLC Integrated Motion Engine

▶ Part1 (up to 64-axis independent operation)

 - Electronic gear / electronic cam full function (Linear / Modulo Axis)

 - External Sensor synchronous speed control / torque control

 - Control level position loop control

(CSV / CST + Servo Tuning Algorithm & Tool)
 - MoveAdditive, MoveSuperImposed

▶ Part4 Coordinate motion

 - Multi-channel group operation (4CH group operation, random shorten coordinates system assigned)

 - Coordinates system support (ACS / MCS / PCS, coordinates system transformation: Cartesian, Cylindrical)

 - Special interpolation (3 ~ 32 Linear interpolation, Feed rate Axis selection, Helrical / Spiral / Spline interpolation)

 - External group synchronous operation (External time base operation by using Real or virtual axis)
 - Gantry control including Yaw control function.
 - Transforming G-Code based motion to PLC FB (MovePath)
 - Robotic Engine (Internal Robotic Kinematics: 2D / 3D scara, 4DOF vertical, 5DOF vertical multi-joint, Robotic CNC)


▶ On-Line Scan, EtherCAT Protocol, Device Profile support

▶ ESC Configuration function

▶ Communication status monitoring

▶ EtherCAT DC Mastering structural changes

▶ EtherCAT Redundancy Enhancements (control by group)

▶ Eoe, FoE , MDP Profile, Safety Device Profile

▶ ESC, EEPROM Information Read / Write on the On-Line status

Software Motion Controller