Servo control up to 32 axes, 9-axis simultaneous command support

A MXP controller controls 32 axes through high-speed EhterCat Communication.It supports simultaneous control command with G code for 9 axes(X, Y, Z, A, B, C, U, V, W) and PLC axes command for 32 axes

PLC Ladder, G Code programming

MXP N-type supports the G Code such as PLC Ladder and milling, lathe. It supports G code and T, S, M code which are similar to Fanuc, so user can easily apply for equipment.

Multi-axis synchronization and various interpolation functions support

Multi-axis synchronization command is available and various interpolation functions such as linear interpolation, circular interpolation and polar coordinate interpolation, helical interpolation, cylindrical interpolation are also available.

Various processing modes support

It supports more convenient processing with a variety of processing modes such as AUTO, SEMI AUTO, JOG, MPG, MDI, EDIT, ZRN, AZRN.

It supports skip operation and multistage skip operation during AUTO mode. It also supports reverse operation for easier reprocessing when it’s necessary.

Powerful plug-in function

It provides convenient functions such as the parameter editor, register / status monitoring, servo waveform, G code editor, TPG (virtual / real time), PLC monitoring and allows user to add desired form of convenient functions through plug-in function and SDK Library.

Various processing validation

It supports virtual TPG, Dry-Run, Single Block and etc. for validating programmed G code and SEMI-AUTO mode to verify processing in real-time with MPG after Cycle Start.

Convenient development tools

It provides RAS for creating PLC Ladder and downloads PLC Data, Register data, Communication setting data. RAV allows you to paint HMI screen and user also can download HMI date.

Software Motion Controller