Servo control up to 64 axes, 2048 Point I/O control

A MXP controller controls 64 axes through high-speed EhterCat Communication and controls 2048 point I/O without extra I/O card.

Provide various types of language development environment (API)

 It supports easier API for User Application combination such as MFC / Delphi / C ++ / C # / VB.Net / G-Code, etc. and it’s compatible with the IEC 61131-3 standard PLCopen. It also provides monitoring function such as State Machine, Working State in accordance with the applicable standards.

Set Master axis and Slave axis and compare coupled two axes to compensate for the torque deviation. It has less mechanical load since torque is controlled to be uniformly distributed.

Gantry mode support  


External Time Base control support

Synchronize the motion commands to an external pulse input through ETB function. ETB function can use MPG signal in accordance with user input and encoder pulse of external conveyor belt.

Multi-axis synchronization/Linear/Circular interpolation control support

It supports a variety of control functions such as 8-channel multi-axis synchronization, linear interpolation, 2-axis circular interpolation.

E-CAM/ E-Gear functions support

Create the electronic cam profiles up to 64 through E-CAM editor and import the cam table. Slave axis operates at user-defined position in On-the-fly method as if they were real cam or gears. It reduces the time and cost incurred by the mechanical coupling.

 Real-time control with an external encoder such as Laser, Barcode

It provides Closed Loop control with an external encoder such as Laser, Barcode because the system can not guarantee the accuracy depending on the operating environment. The source of Dual Feedback signal can be input  SSI through the servo drive, and can also be input the RS-485 output device -> 485 to EtherCAT Convertor type and the encoder signal of the another axis.

Create various profiles through Buffered mode and Blending function

Because it supports Buffered mode and Blending function of motion commands, user can create various motion functions.  

Software Motion Controller