Machine Tools

CNC Application

MXP has an exceptional performance based on the specialized control technologies including multi-axis interpolation, various G-Code-processing engines, fast leading control technology, 2D / 3D error mapping, and high-speed processing technology. It can handle maximum 32 axes servo control, more than 100 kinds of G-Code commands, and 4-channel operational function which controls maximum 4 machines at the same time. Specially, user defined HMI drawing function includes software plug-in technology which allows users to develop the special function using C++ which a controller doesn’t provide. MXP provides the additional functions including 3D path display, database synchronization, Ethernet synchronization through plug-in technology, and it provides a continuous plug-in update.

Metal processing

MXP is applied for a high performance spring forming machine through multi axis synchronous operation based on electronic cam which replaces a mechanical cam. It controls more than 20 axes of servo. Automatic / semi-automatic operation, the feed axis synchronization automatic speed control function, user-friendly programming / management GUI technology are provided through precision motion synchronization technology. High performance control function based on CNC is used for diverse fields including a cutting process.

Machine Vision assisted PCB router

Utilizing the HMI plug-in technology, a low-cost USB camera -based machine vision module was built in HMI for PCB router. Without using expensive machine vision systems, by using the machine vision application of PC built-in or external USB camera-based, this is the innovative application case, which is a cost-effective solution and unimaginable on the PLC or CNC based system.

Software Motion Controller