IEC 61131-3 Editor

The IEC 61131-3 Programming System



PLC Editor of MXP supports the IEC 61131-3; international standard for PLC programming language. It is object oriented and offer Modular development environment.

Users can do ActiveX reusable programming by utilizing POU, TASK, RESOURCE and control multi resource by connecting a number of target CPU.


All of the language support of IEC 61131-3.

◆ Ladder Diagrams (LD)

◆ Function Block Diagrams (FBD)

◆ Structured Text (ST)

◆ Instruction List (IL)

◆ Sequential Function Chart (SFC)

- You can use all programming language in one project by mixture.

- You can use LD, SFC and FBD by mixture in one worksheet of graphic editor environment.

Open and edit functions (Graphic, textual editor)

•  Place the Objects in desired location Drag & Drop.

•  Connection of each object supports wire routing, and symbolic links.

•  It supports IntelliSense function to complete variable name, structure elements and function block parameter automatically.

•  Each variable can be declared as global and local variables can be used to declare a user-defined structure.

•  Add features you want by making User-Defined Functions / Function Block Library.

Powerful Debugging & diagnostic function

More convenient troubleshooting via Various debugging & diagnostic function.

• Logic analyzer

  - It can analyze motive logic by setting trigger / sampling rate in variables selected.

• Watch window & Recipes

  - You can monitor the values of selected variables on-line. It is possible to “Import & Export”” in Pre-defined recipe file and add or delete them in PLC.

• Debug mode

  - The value of real time is indicated on PLC, real-time output is overwritten in debug mode. You can fix it in real time and replace modified date during operating.


• Retain data (cold, warm, hot)

  - If you set Randow Variable to Retain data, it is recoded not initial value but previous value and it is possible to operate sequentially as previous status when restarting .


• PLC Simulation

  - You can simulate PLC Program written by using virtual input/output address.

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