※ MXP2.0 Software Update

▶ Last update : 22/02/2019 

▶ Version 

:   MXP2.0 32bit(Ver_2.6.10)
   MXP2.0 64bit(Ver_2.6.10)




※ MXP3.0 Software Update

▶ Last update : 02/04/2019 

▶ Version 

:   MXP3.0(Ver_2.7.16)






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MXP Overview

MXP Motion controller is the most complete and advanced motion controller that operates on Windows-based software. And it offers a new type solution of Unified Architecture can now be realized on a single platform for all functions of PLC, PC Control, HMI, robot control and CNC.

Powerful Engineering Tool

All the features required for automation engineering like drawing HMI, PLC programming, debugging, Network Settings, Control parameter settings are now available in a single environment. You can develop a low-cost, rapid application as the most effective ways through familiar and intuitive integrated development environment for people used to existing control system and new user of automation control.

Various Programming Languages

MXP supports most languages available on the PC. Visual Studio based on C, C + +, C #, Visual Basic and Delphi, including general-purpose programming language, as well as, PLC users friendly Ladder, FBD, SFC, such as the IEC 61131 languages and LabVeiw graphical programming languages and also, utilizing all possible programming languages provide you most advanced programming environment to develop applications. Even users who use traditional type of controller, you can you can proceed rapid application development using the most familiar programming environment.

Software Motion Controller