Electronics assembly

ICT Equipment

MXP provides the optimized operation performance applied for a function test equipment of electronic circuit components.

It can implement synchronization between a multi-motor, a step motor, and I/O equipment, and also easily build complex scenario processing, database synchronization, communication synchronization on PC environment. It can easily take advantage of advanced graphics processing capabilities of a PC. It allows field operators to monitor the operation status intuitively and construct synchronization operations with other facilities of the plant.

​Precision Gentry Equipment

By using gentry operation function which allows 2 motors for synchronized operation of single axis, it can easily implement precision stage operation used for process of manufacturing and measurement. Depending on the type of required precision for a stage, diverse methods can be used, which includes a simple interpolation, electronic gear synchronization, and coordinate synchronization. In addition, if the highest precision is required, it supports a synchronized operation of multi axis coupled motion using torque compensation method which provides the flexibility of optimized method based on the applied fields.

Software Motion Controller