Data Tracer

Date Trace function available in user application.



It offers Date Tracer as EXE form callable in user application.



Channels of Date Tracer can be set up to 10 and each channel can plot data below.

• Command Velocity

• Actual Velocity

• Command Position

• Actual Position

• Following Error

• Actual Torque

• User define data #1 ~ 10


** In case of using PLC program, you can use User define data in specific register section.

** User define data supports Byte, Word, Long, Float Data type.


Data Tracer supports three enable modes.

• Continuous :  The real-time trace mode. Plot as a buffer specified by the user.

• Triggered  :  Capture the screen, depending on Trigger conditions

• Monitoring  :  Save the number of sample point or time as cycle.

** Trigger condition plot Lower / Upper / Rising / Falling point on the basis of trigger value.

** File export supports text and binary forms. But Import supports binary form only.


Data Tracer supports Span, Zoom-in, Zoom-out, data grid.




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